Mothers & Martyrs Launch at IIUM, Malaysia


Mujeeb Jaihoon’s latest poetry anthology, “Mothers & Martyrs”, drags the reader deep into the beating heart of all that is the female. Aptly taglined, Infinite Injustice, the collection of poems by the UAE-based Indian poet has passionate political undertones, igniting undeniable mental images of the realities of war and women’s rights, the trials and tribulations of motherhood, the brutal curse of injustice, the seeds of hope we plant around us and the nourishing gift of philanthropy. The centralized theme, however, that weaves this book together is the topic of women.

The book was recently launched at an international conference held at the International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM) in a ceremony attended by Dr. Abdul Aziz Berghout, Deputy Rector Internationalization And Industry And Community Relations (IIUM), Sayyid Munavvarali Shihab Thangal, chairman SIGN Institute of Social Leadership (Kerala), PA Ibrahim Haji, the UAE-based educationist and philanthropist, K. Ayyanar, the Director of Indian Cultural Center, Indian High Commission Malaysia.

Mothers & Martyrs also vividly depicts the horrors of recent conflicts on women, especially in Syria and Yemen, with an opening poem dedicated to the ‘martyr bride’ killed in Yemen airstrikes, while another poem depicts two women, symbolizing the war-torn cities of Mosul and Kabul, converse about the destruction of their cities at the hands of Imperialists. The poet also observes that the spirit of women’s oppression in both urban and rural life are the same, albeit in different fashion. The fair creatures of God are dealt unjustly in almost all cultures. The rest and leisure of men-folk are at the expense of their toiling women. Hence, he argues, only a life hereafter can compensate for this injustice.

The conference, Sign Social Leadership Conclave, was organized by SIGN Institute of Social Leadership, a Kerala-based training and development institution and hosted by IIUM. Delegates at the Conclave included educationists, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, politicians and academics from the Middle East and India.

Mothers & Martyrs, published from New Delhi, can be ordered from