– Jaihoon

Love is a sweet and selfless feeling
Before the beloved, the heart is kneeling

Lives are given even before its request
Lovers may jump to fire if faced with test

‘Your wish is my command’,
says the lover
With the heart in his hand.

‘Anything and everything you say
My soul is in your sweet sway’

Ah! But last night in the love’s chamber
Majnun made to Leila a strange whisper

“O sweet one. Prior to your death,
Let me be placed below the earth

Every Friday shall I wait for your gift
The 7-versed prayer as your hands lift (in prayer)’

I can bear anything but your parting
Solitude hurts even before its starting

May God give you much courage, if-
I live not, and you live in such age”

Death is indeed so bitter and harsh
In front of it, love too becomes selfish

Death makes the love go sour
It knocks uninvited on lovers’ door

The heart then thinks of none but its own,
Not even the one to whom it love shown.

He is ready to die first,
But not suffer in her separation first.

O reader!
Sweet love, bitter death-
Who dare deny this truth?

10 July 2005.


We all fear death. But more fearsome for some of us is the absence of our dear ones. We are are ready to embrace death but not the absence of our loved ones. When it comes to love, we make sacrifices for others. But with the same sincerity, we ask our loved ones to suffer the pain of separation instead of us.

7-versed prayer : Sura Fatiha, the first chapter of Holy Quran, which is traditionally recited near Muslim graves for the benefit of its residents.