by Mujeeb Jaihoon

Human weaknesses are no excuse to shy away from spiritual struggle. Resolute and hope will one day help to realize the lover’s aspiration, alludes Mujeeb Jaihoon

“Life means a passionate burning,
An urge to make,
To cast in the dead clay
The seed of heart.”

O friends who carry the stones
Striking each other to create sparks

Would you throw them to the mire
If after a try or two they make no fire?

Would you not hit them again and again
Until the moment you see the flame plain?

O friends who are in distraction lost
In your remembrance of Lord of Alast

O those who are in confusion embarrassed
When before Him your forehead is placed

O those who are in forgetfulness ruined
When His nearness have you gained

O those who fall asleep
When to Him you want to leap

Dishearten not!
Tighten the knot (of hope)!

One day shall the Devil lose his game
All his tricks shall some day become lame

Give up not your habit of repeated trial
Soon shall you fall in His lovers’ file

Every ignorant hypocrite has days of faith
For, didn’t these lines fall in Jaihoon’s fate?

Keep to your self the stones of spirit
For, they shall one day Sinai-like fire emit

And if you strike them like al Musthafa-
That Sweet Beloved of Lord-
sallallahu alaihi wa sallam

Greater will be the fire from Mount of Nur
For, old-fashioned is the talk of Mount of Tur

03 August 2005


Life means a passionate… : A couplet by Allama Iqbal

Alast : Alastu rabbikum, the episode referred to in Qur’an when Allah asked humanity, “Am I not your Lord” and they all replied “Yes”.

Greater will be the fire : The coming of Holy Prophet invalidates the earlier laws of other Prophets.

Mount of Nur: where the Holy Prophet was revealed the Holy Quran.

Mount of Tur : where Moses (peace be upon him) conversed with the Lord.