Nov. 2 2017, Sharjah: While most leaders are remembered for their eloquent and fiery speeches, Sayyid Shihab will be remembered for his brevity and meek smile’, reasoned Jaihoon, at the launching ceremony of SLOGANS OF THE SAGE, a coffee table book comprising of selected aphorisms by late Sayyid Muhammed Ali Shihab, celebrated Indian statesman and philanthropist.

‘As an unconventional politician, Sayyid was mildly and miserly-spoken. Hence, Slogans of the Sage’, said Jaihoon at the launching ceremony held at Sharjah International Book Fair on Nov 2 2017. The event was attended by Syyid Munavvar Ali Shihab Thangal, the popular youth icon from Kerala and youngest son of Sayyid Shihab, Ismail Al Rifai, award winning Syrian artist and writer, P. Surendran, renowned Malayalam writer, Anwar Naha, president of Dubai KMCC and Bhasha Singh, journalist and social activist.