Jaihoon speaking at the launching ceremony of Slogans of the Sage

Sharjah-based young author Mujeeb Jaihoon’s 9th book ‘Slogans of the Sage’, a collection of quotations attributed to the late Indian Statesman and Philanthropist Sayyid Muhammad Ali Shihab was released at one of the largest gatherings at Sharjah International Book Fair. The illustrations in this book, by artist and calligrapher Shiyas Ahamed, were drawn using iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, two dream gadgets of modern artists.

Slogans of the Sage Launch, Sharjah International Book fair (Nov. 2 2017)

“While most of the leaders were remembered for their eloquent and fiery speeches, Sayyid Shihab’s uniqueness was his brevity and smile,” said Jaihoon. “As an unconventional politician, he was mildly spoken. That is why the title Slogans of the Sage,” Jaihoon said at the launching ceremony.

The event was attended by Sayyid Munavvar Ali Shihab Thangal, the popular youth leader from Kerala and the youngest son of Sayyid Shihab, Ismail Al Rifai, award winning Syrian artist and writer, P. Surendran, renowned Malayalam writer and Anwar Naha, president of the Dubai Kerala Muslim Cultural Committee.

The illustrations in the book were impressive. Each illustration by Shiyas was drawn in black and white on a matte surface, maintaining maximum accuracy to match with the body language of the late leader.

The book contains Sayyid Shihab’s hundred quotations, compiled from his speeches and writings as well as Jaihoon’s 99 eulogies of the leader.

“The choice of these counts were no coincidence. Both figures are significant in Islamic numerology. Moreover, the compiler chose the lower count out of respect and reverence for the Sage”, admitted Jaihoon.

(As reported in https://asianlite.ae/2017/top-news/jaihoons-tribute-to-shihab-thangal-in-sharjah )

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