(Highlights from Jaihoon’s talk at WAFY college, Karthala, Valanchery- Kerala – on Oct 18 2017)


The greatest obstacle today in the creative journey lies in our inability to discern between information and knowledge. Tons of our attention and energy is wasted in separating the wheat from the chaff. And social media only rubs further salt on this cerebral wound of the modern mind. It is as if you are in an ocean of big information and attempting to fish for knowledge in a small boat of time.

Thinking: No fun. No Friends

Thanks to technology, Life has generally become generally and generously luxurious. Yet, most consider thinking to be the most difficult thing to do. Perhaps, it takes humongous effort to silence your ears, isolate oneself from fun and friends and bring the distraction-loving mind to a controlled flow of ideas and concepts. Not to forget that thinking is at the heart of writing or any form of creativity.

Writing: Near-barzakh Feel

It takes sweat to write. Writing is not a noisy celebration, which offers any thrill of event management. It is a silent prayer. Unlike conferences, no one can join you when you are writing. Writing takes you to a near-barzakh like experience where you are all by yourself to nurture new ideas from nowhere but within.

Thoughts, not noise, build Institutions

Do not be fooled to think that it was conferences or seminars that create institutions. In fact, only the meditative thoughts of great visionaries can sow the seeds for an intellectual cultivation.

posted nov. 21 2017