Slogans of the Sage Presented to Harish Singh, priest of local gurudwara in Mansa

Mansa, Punjab (Nov. 24 2017): The Abu Bakr Siddiq Masjid, named after the first Caliph, was a long cherished dream of the local Muslim Community which was fulfilled with the generous support of Kerala Muslims, promoted and organized by the Muslim League leaders.

Speaking at the ceremony attended by local leaders of all faiths, the Keralite leaders admitted this place of worship was only part of a payback for a leading orphan care institution established by two Punjabi Muslim brothers decades ago at Calicut.

‘The Masjid should act as a center of learning and communal amity, not just place of worship’, reminded Sayyid Munavvar Ali Shihab, the leader of the Kerala delegation and chief powerhouse behind this philanthropic initiative.

In the first congregational prayer led by Sayyid Munavvar Ali Shihab Thangal and sermon delivered by Rashid Gazzali, hundreds of believers assembled from the neighborhood, including nearby villages. ‘We also are in dire need for a masjid in our neighborhood too’, said some of them who traveled from other parts of neighboring states like Haryana.

Slogans of the Sage

Sri Harish Singh, priest of local gurudwara in Mansa, was presented with a copy of SLOGANS OF THE SAGE, a book of aphorisms by Sayyid Shihab, translated by Mujeeb Jaihoon. The book presentation was part of the inaugural ceremony of the mosque. Guests of the day included ET Mohammed Basheer, member of Parliament, as well as other eminent youth politicians and philanthropic businessmen.

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Posted Nov. 28 2017