Jaihoon’s critique on the widespread political agitations and suicide deaths of Kerala, the South Indian state.

… It was on a humid evening that I and friends rushed to an electronics shop in the heart of the city. Our erstwhile attempts proved futile unable to find the product we’re looking for. All we wanted was to grab the stuff and rush elsewhere. And finally we got what we were looking for.

The DV (Digital Video) cleaning tape was hard to find- or so it seemed due to our impatience. Modestly priced, there was no need to waste much time on bargaining, although shops in the lane had a wanton tradition of pricing a good based on the race and face of the customer.

As we were leaving the shop packed with electronic goodies, the elderly owner enquired to us about our native place in Kerala and we did the same. As we moved further to the exit, he called on us again in a fervent voice, “So whom are you voting for?”

We were first reluctant to answer. We were not even sure he was talking to us. What did we youths brought up on this pravasi land have anything to do with the political mongering going on @ God’s own country?

He again clarified his question, “Have you not yet instructed your families at home whom to vote for?”.

The Kasarkode Kaka was more concerned about our political inclination, if not our affiliation, than the fact that we were his customers. As if politics was his soul’s creed, and not his livelihood upon which his family feed.

“Poyittu varaam”. We left with the traditional farewell greeting meaning “May we leave and come again”.

Politics. Strikes. Demonstrations. Hartals. Debates. Controversies. Agitations. Suicides. Alcohol… these should be a list of high ranking keywords which should be indexed for the search engines to scan the cultural and political landscape of Kerala, fondly referred to as God’s Own Country on the promotional fliers of the tourism packages.

Political Monsters
In Kerala, two is a company and three is a party!

Politics deprive the land and people of peace. The heart beat of an average Malayalee is tuned to the political wrangling of various parties and groups. In Kerala, two is a company and three is a party!

Energy is wasted. Resources are exhausted. Time is lost. The sun will rise and set, but not the politics from people’s mindset. A colossal part of the news program is dedicated for statements from political leaders (sometimes with 2 nos. followers) at the cost of major social and developmental problems faced by the people.

And this political psyche has become all the more psychotic with the election to the local bodies at the doorstep. Media is running out of time and space (in the case of press and TV respectively) to cover the details of the democratic drama, enacted surely by and unsurely ‘for’ the people. And predictions run wild about who will make it to the top and who shall flop.

Despite the nefarious hypocrisy of politicians, the people still gather for the hi-fi speech of leaders talking of ethics and morals. Some take the name of environment and warn the public against the multi-national soft drink companies wasting the drinking water while they build water theme parks wasting the precious water for commercial purpose! They swear in the name of laborers’ sweat and blood, while their party transforms into a business empire!

Suicidal Chickens
Letter-literate, Life-ignorant

Apparently, I also happened to read an ironic (and personally humorous) item in an election roundup news column about a female election candidate committing suicide simply because she was upset with the sarcastic statements from the voters in her constituency.

Phew! Is the value of life so meager? God save ‘his country’ from such bold cowards! A political leader is expected to act with courage, no matter whatever the criticism he or she would face.

The government of Indian Republic did a favor on the womenfolk by giving her reservation in her share of the political leadership of the nation. Who could imagine that the same blessing would kill her?

The literate crowd of Kerala who consume volumes of heaven-high philosophies everyday is not prepared to face the challenges of life. A student gives up her life jumping from her college hostel building to protest the rise of her college tuition fees! And the media celebrated it, killing her all the more. Her education did no good teaching her the value of life.

Kerala has the highest rate of suicide deaths in the world. A mere conflict in life is enough to take his or her death. Failures in relationships, in-law conflicts, business losses, harvest ruins, debt payment problems all lead to individual or collective suicides. And the mother or father is also kind enough to share the poison with their infant kids so that they too escape the trials of this world.

Last word

While kerala is the hotbed for monstrous political activism, it is also the breeding ground for suicidal chickens- who are afraid of the challenges of life.

Ya Rabb! Teach this people the art of Peaceful Living.


Kasarkode kaka : Kasarkode is the northern district of Kerala, Kaka is a typical term used for a elderly man, especially in the Muslim community.

20 Sep 2005