by Mujeeb Jaihoon
Little Venice, London
Photo: Little Venice, London (Jaihoon)

Arabian purity, Persian intellectuality, Ottoman nobility, Indian plurality and Western objectivity – Islamic world has absorbed them all in handsome fashion.

Islam: The Mega Garden

Garden is characterized by diversity and timeless appreciation. There are countless flowers with as many scent and hue in it. No sensible human being can despise a garden, be it attached to a home or public. From time memorial, humanity has built and rebuilt gardens around their homes, roads and palaces. Technology may have conquered our hearts and minds, but we still have a soft corner for garden when we view it.

The concept of Garden also occupies a central place in Muslim analogy. Garden is both a symbol and reality in the everyday life of a believer. The Paradise is a ‘mega garden’ of unlimited bliss and bounties. The final resting place of the Beloved of God is traditionally referred to as ‘Noble Garden’.

The faith of Islam is more or less fashioned after the concept of a garden. Its Prophet is blessed with inimitable beauty of appearance and character. His emulation and imitation generates the same in the adherents. The Faith is also popular for its diversity, be it historic or theological. Islamic world is least miserly in accommodating the psychological and geographical differences of its subscribers. Arabian purity, Persian intellectuality, Ottoman nobility, Indian plurality and Western objectivity to name just a few.

The Garden that bewitched Genghis’ Grandson

Islam has had numerous haters. However, we also read about some of the worst Islamophobes transforming to equally passionate admirers. Zealots who demolished a medieval mosques in India now vow to construct new ones out of remorse. The Mongol warriors, led by Genghis Khan, ransacked the Islamic world, killing millions in Baghdad alone. Nevertheless, starting with the grandson of the Genghis, they became Islam’s greatest promoters. It is as if Islam, not necessarily meant Muslims, has an inherent talent to win the heart of its fiercest critics, just like a garden.

The modern Muslim has to align his thoughts and actions in line with the ‘garden-some’ beauty of his Faith.

Published on Feb 19 2018