Jaihoon’s thoughts & notes during Holy Quran commentary lectures by Simsarul Haq Hudawi

January 23 2009

Fidyathun refers to youths who are matured and well-mannered. Junaid Al Baghdadi says that such youths shall never harm anything nor complain about anything.

Zidnahum: faith increases and decreases in a believer’s life. Allah had increased it for the righteous youths. The speaking of the dog had increased their conviction. Prophet Ibrahim had also asked Allah once to show His Creative Power in order to increase his faith

Spread of faith has not much to do with political authority. Despite centuries of Mughal rule in India, the proportionate increase in the number of Muslim conversions was high during the lifetime of saints like Khwaja Moinuddin Hasan Chishti.

They youths were honored by Allah because they chose Allah’s path instead of other temptations.

Accompanying saliheen would entitle achieving paradise. Allah counted the dog among the sleepers because it accompanied the noble youths. This is explained in the hadith, ‘You are with those whom you love”. Therefore believers should spend time and be in liking of good people.