– Jaihoon

O reader!
Take it from this little soul
A drop from Jaihoon’s poetic bowl

A slave once cried along with others
“Rabb! Accept my pilgrimage” said he in tears

He kept his hands raised to the skies
He wished for a reply to come for once

Into his ears came the cry of his folks
They begged for the same favor as him

He felt pity hearing their wail, (and thought)
‘Let their prayer win, even as my fail’

Came this Voice into his ears
“Why such a thought did you nurse?”

The slave replied in a low tone
Why such a marvel had he shown

“They have cried more than me
They have traveled to reach Your Home

One after another,
They suffered with pain

I feel pity for their every sacrifice
Their acceptance for me is suffice

Even if mine is gone,
Let one of their pilgrimage gain

Mercy for my brethren filled my heart
In such a state I forgot my own want

The Voice again spoke in Command
Another marvel for them was at hand

“I am the Lord who created Compassion
If I feel not for them, ‘tis out of reason

My slave of your kind is to them so kind
How then can Your Creator do them offend?

If your heart beats for one slave’s hajj (to be accepted)
Lo! Be known that all your thousands’ do I hereby acknowledge.”

O reader!
Take it from this little soul
A drop from Jaihoon’s poetic bowl

He is the Ultimate Artist of this Universe
Who painted this world with eternal benevolence

No mother can show more love for her child
As does the Creator shows for this trifle world

If you ask me the proof of His Everlasting Mercy
He let this sinner live to write such in a world so busy

Now and then His thoughts pierce my veins
I become alive and His Love fills my half-corpse

I wonder at my own image in the mirror
I see the world with new hue and color

His Beloved’s greetings dance on my lips
While joy fills the heart caged between the ribs

April 10 2005. Inspired after a lecture