– Jaihoon

“One midnight as I looked through the window
A strange light did my attention draw

It shone like a faint bulb
Even as I tried to my eyes rub

I thought much about its origin
Whether it was the work of man or jinn?

It pleased my eyes
I blinked not more than twice

Was it the distant stars in the sky-
Which twinkles at the command of the Most High?

After a while…

I witnessed the break of Fajr
And the left behind the light-wonder

I washed my face and hands well
And in the thought of Him I began to dwell

He filled my heart with another Light
Every worry and fear became feather-light

O my crazed nightingale
Who filled my life with melody

In your company I forgot what I did until then know
You taught me that His Worship is not devoid of love

This Rose remained ignorant of its own smell
Until you sprinkled His Love on its petal

I became a wonder for my own self
I danced in love like in breeze moves a leaf

I wish not to steal your prized time
I ask only to silently remain beside your song.”

March 18 2005.


We sometimes observe strange phenomenon in Nature which leave us marvelling at them. We explore their whereabouts to quench our curiosity. However, we should not forget the Creator at such times of awe. The true wonder lies in the remembrance of Him who fills our hearts with peace and serenity unmatched by this material world.

This poem talks about the psychology of such a slave who witnessed such an incident seated in a night flight.

Fajr: The pre-dawn prayer

washed my face and hands well : Abolution