Ya Rahman ! Ya Raheem ! O My Loving Lord !

You’ve cherished me with your Mercy . . .

You have answered me,

Even before I have called upon you !

Of what harm are the thorns in the path,

Your help keeps me safe as a flower !

The clouds, the stars, the sky, the moon…

Your signs are everywhere !

You are more acquainted with the landscapes within me

Every moment a new moment !

Every atom a new atom different from its ‘yester-moments’

Every artist a taker of your affectionate inspiration !

May I trust you as I have trusted you so far . . . ?

May I become the living testimonial of your never ending Mercy ?

You are never tired of my repeated requests

You are ever Patient with my impatience…

You are the prayer within my prayer.

The praise of Your Beloved is the coolness for my eyes.

Your Glory ! Your Praise ! Your Mercy !

Of what worth am I with out these ?

This poem was written in Dec 14, 2000 after a Taravih Prayer.