Those who have sense
And not lost in any craze

Have said-

‘The one who gives you love is the beloved
The one who cause you pain is your enemy
Both are never the same
On their prey both cannot claim!’

Were you the one
Who blessed me with love?
Are you the one
Who such agony give?

O the pair of my heart
O the coolness of my eyes

Your memories of years is blown like a tent
By the storm of separation lasting just a month

So severe was the heat of your want
I am no longer that once-fertile land

Rains of joy shall dry in a moment
The thirst sucks all from beneath

Dream is a window to see in realty one’s wishes
There is nothing dear to me than your presence
But even in dream I am robbed of your face
So pitiful is this wretched lover’s case

Ah! My senses are going weak
Although in youth I am at peak

Forgive if my talk passes beyond reason
Hold me not captive for acts of treason

Reins of my mind are no longer with me
Tears never show any respect towards me

O my beloved who bathed me in love
O my enemy who wounded my heart

Draw closer to your lover and victim
Resolve my pain or I have my revenge

Be kind to this broken-hearted
Be generous to this soul-shattered

Time within walls of my room
Is crawling like a hesitant worm

Every moment I am counting
If towards me are you coming

Yet, my counting extends
I only find your absence

Name my cry as you please-
Love or craze
Possessive or Selfish
Or a helpless man’s weakness!

Times five or more I pray,
Yet night is as painful as day
You too in your duas to Him say
May your love’s victim alive stay