– Jaihoon

The light of Ahmed when created
The ray of love in cosmos was emitted

The world came to know of love
Since towards him did He show

The cosmos saw itself in the mirror
When his light shone over its shoulder

Jibreel could explain the secrets of hell and heaven
‘Coz the question came from leader of worlds twin

O Beloved!
O Sultan of hearts

Nothing in this world I gained sans your love
What shall I gain in Hereafter sans your love?

You are the only hope of this distracted slave
Who else beside you does this Jaihoon have?

No words have I for your praise
Your mention makes my hair rise

Here I sit to write about you
Unsure of what words shall befit you

My readers got used to your sweet lines
It is you they seek in between the lines

O Beloved!
You are the honey hidden in my poetic hive
You are the pearl laying deep in my sea

I parted my ways from the rest
To follow your path to the fullest

O Mustafa!
You are the champion of my dream and pride
Paradise comes second when you stand beside

25 August 2005