Kashgar Old City
by Mujeeb Jaihoon

Lap of Love is holier than Martyr-field or prayer-mat, or so claims Jaihoon

Beautiful lives are well-begun
Successful ones but end love-spun

What may be the way finest—
For soul to depart world next?

To jump from the suicidal mount?
Or to shatter into pieces from accident?

To lose breath under the seabed?
Or be consumed by the fire-liquid?

To throw oneself on the battlefield
And lie there painted in heroic blood?

Where in the world may be best—
To conclude for the final rest?

Lord but chose a splendid place other
For Beloved to welcome the soul-taker

In the lap of as-Siddiqa was his breath last
He departed touched by her love-warmth

Lap of Love is holier than Martyr-field or prayer-mat
Death be the sweetest— you may die if on her lap

Published October 17 2018