Writer’s Forum | Nov 08 2018 | 730 pm – Sharjah International Book Fair


Zainub Jenna Bata

Speaker, Poet & Mediator

Jenna Bata is a global citizen, yet connects to you like a neighbour. She is hired around to world to deliver speeches, facilitate sessions, negotiate and mediate. An artist in a business world. She is a Harvard trained negotiator, CEDR trained mediator & trainer, facilitator, coach & campaigner. She has helped to organize a variety of high profile events, and was invited to speak at TEDx in Dubai and Mother of the Nation in Abu Dhabi, as well as a panelist at the Social Justice conference in Toronto, 2018. She is a published author, poet & contributor to Thrive Global & Huffington Post.

Zainub Jenna Bata


Idris Mears

Book Collector & Merchant
Project Leader – Al Serkal Cultural Foundation

He was the director of Diwan Press, the pioneering publisher of English translations of classical Islamic texts, especially on Sufism. In the 1990’s, he helped develop the distribution in USA for the emerging UK-based Islamic publishers. In the 2000’s, he concentrated more on educational activities and became the director of the Association of Muslim Schools UK. He presently attends book fairs in the Middle East under Blackstone & Holywell and now launched a bookshop cum a cultural encounter zone called the Book Quarter, in the Alserkal Cultural Foundation in Dubai.

Idris Mears - Al Serkal Cultural Foundation


The Cool Breeze From Hind

Adam Publishers & Distributors– New Delhi
Dubbed as ‘a mystical discourse on indian indigeneity’, The Cool Breeze From Hind is a historical fiction that treats the reader to a mystic feast of brilliant visual metaphors and powerful imagery with a rare poetic-prose prowess unique to this UAE-based Indian storyteller. This book draws heavily on Kerala’s historical persons, places and happenings— including the popular duo Samuthiri, the Hindu king, and Kunhali Marakkars, his trusted powerful naval fighters who challenged Portuguese invasion of South India. Jaihoon also alerts readers about the dangers of the demonic Monoculture, which wounds the spirit of India’s pluralistic and secular fabric. Adopting a mystic narrative reminiscent of medieval Sufism, the book celebrates India as a multicultural haven of diversity and tolerance: the Gulistan.

The Cool Breeze From Hind

The Cool Breeze from Hind is available as Kindle eBook or order hard copy from AMAZON.COM

Posted Nov 08 2018