You endear your beloved than any-
Than Jibreel, than Arsh…

Ah! Not all hearts are blessed
Not all can have him as their heart’s guest…

Bless this sinner to love him, for,
He is the panacea for all my sickness…

Ya Rabb! Make this love my nature
Nail in my heart the Green Dome’s picture

Even as I reach the gates of his love
Ecstasy shakes my heart and soul

If I were to enter inside
Burnt will be my wujood

Ah! Love is easy not
Thorns are plenty in the path

Save but a few escape the prick
Most succumb to the devil’s trick

Ya Rabb!
I knew this world through him
‘I am’ is through the light of ‘Mim’

‘Laila’ was proven via Majnun’s eyes
Without him, the cosmos were deaf and blind

Angels, Books, Hereafter…
All I believed through him

This slave reached his Rabb
Through the paths of Yathrib

Today if I have names and ways-
To call upon You is he my only means

My mouth waters in greed
My eyes with tears are sad

Ah! What believer am I-
If for him I have no love?

Blessed are those lovers-
Nay, they were the sultans
The riches were in their hands
Who held Mustafa,
sallallahu alaihi wa sallam
Close to their hearts

Ya Rabb! Make this love my nature
Nail in my heart the Green Dome’s picture.

Feb 20 2006.


This is a pure mystic poem which shows intense love for the Holy Prophet. The poet believes such love alone can become a remedy for his ills and make this life a blessed one.

Arsh: The Throne of God

Wujood: Existence