Last night sheikh shared with me a secret
From then did I learn my life was sacred
I realized the worth of my dust
I recalled my pledge given at ‘Alast’

“Siddiqa one day became much overjoyed
Unable to rein her ecstasy she screamed

Mustafa asked her the cause for such gala
(She replied)
‘Today I have won your special dua!’
sallallahu alaihi wa sallam.

Lord’s Beloved then smiled and divulged-
‘Times five a day do I pray for those believed (in me)”

O Lord of the worlds!
O one who hear my words!

I am confused!
In what words, in which tongue?

How much… how, how much?
How far with this news shall my joy reach?

He was not named in jest or haste
Never in Time shall his name be lost

All the radiant moments of Time
Pass below the shade of his name

Indeed Lord cheered him saying-
‘Your latter shall be better than former’

His degree rises from good to better
From days of-
Alast to Adam to Ardh to Barzakh
From days of
Wheel to paper to machines to chip

We will find his praised name
Whichever page we turn in Time


‘Ar-Rahman’ is derived from ‘rahm’
He placed it in every mother’s belly

Her love for the child one can’t measure
She fondles her child like a treasure

Now imagine the mercy of Ar-Rahman
Times seventy or more dear to Him is Man

Such a Lord sent His Beloved ‘Al Amin’
Calling Him the Mercy for the Alameen

Not for the world of Man alone
But for all creations ever born

On the morrow if a new world is found
Consider him to there too as Mercy sent

O reader! Do not mistake these lines for his praise
All this sinner did is his love-filled anguish release

These lines were destined to be nevertheless written
My fortune : it flowed through my pen love-smitten

O reader!
Greet that Beloved with your heart
See your burdens becoming light

Ya Rabb!
Your beloved is power
His love is like fire

Mustafa when turns my desire
Paradise is too little to desire

sallallahu alaihi wa sallam.