Jaihoon’s thoughts & notes during Holy Quran commentary lectures by Simsarul Haq Hudawi

Feb 06 2009

  • What is left of one’s wealth after his basic needs are met are either ibthila or fitna.
  • Believers are advised to associate with the poor than the arrogant and wealthy
  • Ornaments are given to the inmates of paradise based on their perfection in wodhu.
  • Paradise dwellers are given silk garments of green color since it is cooling for the eyes.
  • Garments in paradise are grown on the trees there. It would take pride on the people who wear it. The interior and exterior parts of the garment would debate with each other. The interior would say that it is closer to the believer’s body while the exterior would say that can see his face.
  • Wealth is the satisfaction of a person at his fellow beings’ non-possession of his resources.
  • Reciting Masha Allah, la hawla wala quwwatha illa billa – would avert evil eye
  • Reciting Hasbuna llahu w animal wakeel – would protect against instigation of satan
  • Reciting Ufawwidhu amri ila Allah – would defend from the plotting of men
  • Reciting la ilaha illa antha subhanakka inni kuntu min adhalimeen – would keep safe from sorrows
  • Published on: Apr 26, 2009