I asked sheikh the wisdom why-
In ways more than one we pray?

Some on the waist,
Others on the chest
Why are hands kept,
On either of the spot?

“O lil’ Jaihoon!”
Came the reply,
“This secret you are yet to grasp
You are yet to lie in love’s lap

The ways of Beloved are manifold
To all believers shall Paradise be doled

At times on chest, others on the waist
He may’ve placed hands in ways both

These are all ways of Amina’s son
All the variant rays belong to the sun

If this Caravan were to follow only one method
The other practice may have been abandoned

Lord destined Beloved’s each act to be preserved
His deeds, words, nay, silence shall be remembered”

I beat my cheek-
And sighed at my ignorance

How could I miss this sugary bite- when,
Madina’s candy is for humanity much sweet

Each action of Beloved is to be imitated
No doubt for him was this world created

The gardens became fragrant from his scent
Water got no-color tint from his matchless paint

Thank God that there is a ‘hereafter’
To praise Mustafa without any fetter

Ya Rabb!
Your Beloved is that Love-filled tree…
Yusuf and Yaqub, Laila and Majnun
Rumi and Tabrez, Nizamudhin and Khusru
Leaves are they on the ground fallen free…

Ya Rabb!
Make me the sweet-seller in paradise
To rub Madina’s halwa on every lips

sallallahu alaihi wa sallam.