Jaihoon at University of Cambridge

Jaihoon’s selected tweets from 2019. Updated Apr 01

Imitation is to dishonor God.

The Selfish Scholar is Sinister than the Miserly Rich.

Rat and Tiger. Two favorite creatures which appears on Kerala’s electoral Timeline.

Water is the source of Life. Discover Fun, too, in this huge blessing. While it lasts.

Islam: House-full for Moderates. Sold out for Extremists

We need tolerance among believers and non-believers. And among the Muslims as well— between the different schools of jurisprudence, theology and spiritual paths as well.

One lady Jacinda Ardern is more honorable to the Ummah today more than a thousand male US-doormat dictators of the Muslim world.

That which you REsearch is searching for you.

Nature, like Masjid, fire the spiritual oomph of the Believer

The Sufi and Scientist are synonyms, than antonyms, in the eyes of Quranic worldview…

Thirst and Creating Thirst for Knowledge are Twin Miracles

Education is the best armor to protect from the weapons of mass and mind destruction.

Ignorance is the nemesis of Love. Knowledge, the recipe for eternal Love.

Love may be emotional in Form. Its spirit, however, can never, ever be impulsive.

Be it on the penthouse of the skyscraper or on the mounts of moon, Identity should not be compromised at any cost.

Knowledge is an endless ocean. Its depth is as impenetrable as its breadth.

The fruits of knowledge and knowledge-creation are infinite. Paradise is just one of them.

Islam is a human experience full of color and vigor. Its teachings too should be imparted with the same hue.

Education is the best armor to protect from the weapons of mass and mind destruction.

Thirst and Creating Thirst for Knowledge are Twin Miracles.

Diamonds may be Doled for Free. Not Time.

Creativity, for a genius, is life. The rest are hobbies.

Emulating Sunna radiates Goodness farther & longer than Perfume does to Fragrance.

The One who brought the Gift to your Love-banquet transcends the Gift itself.

There is no magic pill to win love. Once won, albeit, Love is full of magic.

Desire is the prerequisite of Realization.

By forbidding figurative iconography, Islam has safeguarded the percept of God from racist & gender abominations– flaws which has largely alienated believers from other idolatrous faiths, including the Trinitarian Creed.

Muslims are being so obscenely obsessed with trivial theological & jurisprudential sectarianism that they are missing out on spiritual proximity to the Creator. Imagine the insolence of fighting over the palace pillars while ignoring the KING.

While guns & missiles destroy concrete buildings and human bodies alike, words are even mightier to impress and intimidate human minds.

In the age of mega indulgence, adoption of Prophetic etiquettes is both the shortest, and sweetest, way to attain higher spiritual progress.

Celebrate tears as gems of gratitude

Gratitude is like a glass of cold water. Tears are the dewdrops that flow down its surface. Don’t feel shy to shed them out

Tears is the best friend of Gratitude. They adorn one another

Gratitude is the key to unlock the door of success

Being ungrateful is to be unFaithful

Perfection is the forbidden fruit of the seeker

Firefighter is the King. Sufi, merely the Courtier. (inspired by Hasan Al-Basri’s episode)

Are our minds just shredding machine to process the creative waste of the entertainment moguls?

Do not blame the Way-giver if you did not have the Will in the first place.

That Divine elixir which leave our ears and hearts spell-bound. Its spectacular words aren’t words. But beyond… Subhanallah is all that the human can utter. In submission. In awe.

The True Man or Woman of God is one who finds their devotional ecstasy in the dust under the feet of their Mothers.

E is for Empathy. And that is the only difference between Human and Humane.

Minimalism is, perhaps, the greatest form of human sophistication.

Take refuge under the Shadowless, for, the shade of His Throne is in search of such lovers.

The greatest need of our needy times is to nobly identify our genuine needs.

The veil covers the man’s eyes, not the woman’s.

Native Americans and Palestinians suffer the same fate. Historic Reversal of Guest vs Host Role-play.

Obsessed with the Past. Fascinated with the Future. Alas! Man is always unfaithful to the Mistress of Present.

Pure Knowledge is a brutal beast. Unless Tamed with Wisdom.

Alhamdulillah is an experience, far from an utterance. At best, it is an active state of conscious mind, not an act of passive sigh.

The Fruit of Delay grows only on the Tree of Haste.