Jaihoon at University of Cambridge

Jaihoon’s selected tweets from 2019. Updated December 31 2019

Why no one protesting the omission of non-religionists from the CAA ? #CAAProtest #CAA_NRC_NPR

Mission 2020: Liberate India from the #Chaddiwale

Hitler’s ghost may haunt Sangh & co for plagiarizing his Nazi talks and tactics. #NaziIndiaRejected #IITMADRAS #GermanyagainstCAA

Cheerleaders of the Twin Dinosaurs should remember that TERMITES have withstood the tsunami of Time even as DINOSAURS have perished- MujeebJaihoon #NRC_नहीं_चलेगा #India #IndiaRejectsCAB #JaiHind

Joke of the century: Passport is not proof of citizenship. #IndiaRejectsNRC

Irony just ‘suicided’ a thousand times when the State alienated the Community whose forehead kisses the Nation’s soil fives a day as they worship the Creator. #NoToNRC #Jumamubarak

NRC: All Indians are foreigners until proved otherwise, as per Shah’s terms. #IndiaRejectsNRC

Indian Democracy under Maintenance Mode: The New Founding Fathers maybe revising the Constitution too for possible ‘secular’ mistakes in the First Edition.

Disconnected Republic of India. #IndiaRejectsCAB

The strategy of the Fascists have always been to chop the Leg if it doesn’t fit the Shoe.

Fascism shining Bright in the darkest days for Indian Democracy. #Jamia #CABProtests

The hope of believer is stronger than the reality of the weak.

He is in love with those who ask. Hence, don’t be stingy nor modest with your wishes when you ask HIM. Ask like a king, for, HE will gift like an Emperor.

Help HIM like a beggar: HE will, in return, help you like a KING.

The Unlettered Prophet obviously did not write the Quran. Nevertheless, the entire cosmos was lovingly scripted by the Lord for His Beloved. Sallallahualaihiwasallam.

Lapdog Cheerleaders of the Establishment can strip their conscience to any limit.

Your peacekeepers, My terrorists. My insurgents, your patriots. #SelctiveLabels

All that you litter isn’t clean.

The Great Indian Electoral Wedding. Less about Bride. More about the Neighbor.

Nazi Nagpur is the Newest New Delhi.

Democracy can legitimize any amount of illegitimacy, including changing the Papa of the Nation. Remember, how Nazis found their way through democratic Germany. #NRC #DemocracyOnTrial

Don’t get too busy with Church so much that you don’t have time for the oppressed lot of God. #KashmirNeedsAttention

Patriotism- Love yours without Hating Others

Bhakts have more than one ‘Papa’ to choose from, when at home and abroad. #Gandhi #Godse

India and RSS. Antonyms then. Synonyms Now.

True that it’s not manly to cry. Rather, it’s an angelic act.

The Selfish Scholar is Sinister than the Miserly Rich

Our children aspire to be known after us. Our prayer shall be to be honored as Their parents.

Maveli. Malayalee’s Own Santa. #Onam2019

Sedition is now become the synonym of Patriotism under brand new totalitarian India. #sedition

Honor Killing, yet another dishonorable oxymoron of the human mind.

Temporal Truths are tellingly articulated falsehoods. Eternal Truths, then, are what remains atop the tides of Time.

Jio Hind. #Future #JaiHind #IndiaFirst

Courtesy conquers like no other, exemplified the Emperor of Empathy: Prophet Muhammad. Sallallahualaihiwasallam.

Repentance is a Luxury which the self-righteous cannot afford.

In order to save the heart from death-blood, it is inevitable to unyoke from the comfort-shell of kinship and get soaked in tears of Beloved’s longing.

Only when a Nation shall be free of hate to each and every countrymen shall it truly become independent.

Tears, like raindrops, are destined for freefall. Withholding it will only overburden its reservoir: the eyes. #cry

Why should Americans and Indian have all the right-wing fun. Let British too. #BorisJohnsonPM

Narcissistic Nationalism and Patriotic Pride are antithetical to the spirit of Space Exploration, originally meant to serve humanity for greater good.

Blessings Bloom with the Bounty of THE Beneficent. Alhamdulillah

The Holy Prophet’s sincerity and historicity are a believer’s ultimate trump card in proving the existence of Allah.

May Ram save Hinduism from the (be)Bhakts & Co.

Faith is meant to terrorize the Devil within. Not fellow humans.

Greater Hindu vote consolidation for RW politicians. Super TRP for Liberal Media. Thy name is Indian Musalman


Teachers instruct. Mentors mould. The choice is yours: JAIHOON

Wellness. A fortune most sought after. Yet, the fortunate belong to only Hereafter. #wellness

When Dissent is awarded Life Imprisonment under the world’s largest democracy, it shows even Hope is bleeding in the claws of Despair. #Dissent

Trips and Thoughts Tailgating each other. #travel

Men of Vision rarely wrote and thought for their times. It’s safer to say they had minds of at least a hundred years ahead of them. #AllamaIqbal

Pen is Revelation’s Best Friend

Ramadan invigorates within us empathy beyond the ritual sympathy for the weak and poor.

Ramadan convinces us we are in possession of superhuman possibilities, if we are ready to act by our beliefs.

Ramadan teaches us we CAN live absolutely without any and every being. Except the Absolute.

Selective Amnesia. Thy name is Politics.

The Sangh Inc aims to normalize the new abnormal India. To illegitimize Traditional Indian values and legitimize Hate & Intolerance.

Knock. Knock again. And again. For, He loves the disheartened ones who endlessly knock His Merciful Doors the most.

Never underestimate the power of Indian Minorities.

Nathuram Godse, the New Founding Father of illegitimate Communal India?

Never before has India witnessed such blatant Photo-nomics in the name of Economics.

Irony just died a thousand deaths when the candidate of the ruling Party calls the assassin of the Father of Nation a patriot? #Gandhi

Muslim Kerala’s unrestrained Educational hysteria may create gender imbalances and marital discords in Community.

Only the Mappila tongue is blessed to share the synonym for Mother and Kiss— Umma .

Charity gatherings are in fact investors meet for akhira

The infallible and absolute Book of God is undoubtedly the handbook for the Adamic quest of everlasting bliss. Humanity’s spiritual success depends on their compliance to its commandments

Tyrannical Hindutva is the worst curse to hit Traditional Hinduism. #Hindutva

Legends loathe Lethargy as hell-fire, or worse.

Quran aims to build and benefit civilizations, not shun and shatter them. Revolution, in the Qur’anic sense, is reviving the Good in an evolutionary fashion.

Estrogenic Eves magnificently score in Gentleness, Law observance and focus for Repetitive Tasks over the aggression and law-violation of Androgenic Adams. #GenderRoles #Equality

That #Holocaust happened under an ELECTED tyrant in Germany is a wake up call for Indian Minorities. Muslims AND Christians included. (Especially after @AmitShah’s #NRC warning)

Baked in the oven of restraining Fast. Then, spoiled in the ecstasy of her indulgent recipes. #Life

The apartheidist atrocities of Zionist Israel are only third runner-up compared to the horrendous Holocaust and inhuman Inquisition— the two most notorious state-sponsored crimes at the hands of White Christian Europe. #zionist #europe #ApartheidIsrael #holocaust #inquisition

Change is unthinkable without books, the divine repository of knowledge. #Books

Mosques should be complemented with Libraries as well. Arguably, both should be patronized, read as funded, with equal devotion and dedication. Islamists need to squarely face this reality and end pussyfooting with clumsy political and world domination conspiracies. #library

The Islamic Civilization was not accidentally founded on Event Management. Nor is the Muslim Ummah an Event Management company. Showbiz and Skyscrapers cannot afford to square this existentialist circle.

Passionate religious activists should therefore exert as much energy for reading as they do for event organizing.

Speeches & songs fade with the conclusion of the ambient occasion. Social media ‘statuses’ too. The Written Word and its reading habit transcend the torrents of time. The amnesiac minds included.

Reading is essential to create a pluralistic community with right-thinking cool-headed minds— a culture that is much needed in our extremist times. @SharjahWBC @SharjahBookAuth

The Holy Prophet did not leave behind a painting, musical composition nor theatrical play for his Community to thrive during later less-holy times. The Holy Quran is a Book, one that is best used for Reading.

Economy prospers on the profitable manipulation of the consumer’s emotional variables. Developing and distributing a merchandise requires in-depth knowledge of the buyer’s minds, including his or her spiritual quotient.

Every modest home today commands a kitchen to fulfill hunger and Prayer rooms for offering ritual worship. Living rooms for entertaining guests and bedrooms for enjoying sleep. Yet, one wonders, how many Muslim homes have a #Reading Room to honor the primordial command of Quran?

Reading, being the first command of Quran, is the foundation of all arts. #Reading #Quran

Art is an act of charity: it radiates joy for its audience. Art is a form of prayer: it rejuvenates the broken-hearted. #Art

Knowledge and Books alone are the true DNA of the traditional Muslim identity. Its renewal, too, can only be based on the revival of the Written Word

Mosques and libraries deserve equal patronage

Imitation is to dishonor God.

The Selfish Scholar is Sinister than the Miserly Rich.

Rat and Tiger. Two favorite creatures which appears on Kerala’s electoral Timeline.

Water is the source of Life. Discover Fun, too, in this huge blessing. While it lasts.

Islam: House-full for Moderates. Sold out for Extremists

We need tolerance among believers and non-believers. And among the Muslims as well— between the different schools of jurisprudence, theology and spiritual paths as well.

One lady Jacinda Ardern is more honorable to the Ummah today more than a thousand male US-doormat dictators of the Muslim world.

That which you REsearch is searching for you.

Nature, like Masjid, fire the spiritual oomph of the Believer

The Sufi and Scientist are synonyms, than antonyms, in the eyes of Quranic worldview…

Thirst and Creating Thirst for Knowledge are Twin Miracles

Education is the best armor to protect from the weapons of mass and mind destruction.

Ignorance is the nemesis of Love. Knowledge, the recipe for eternal Love.

Love may be emotional in Form. Its spirit, however, can never, ever be impulsive.

Be it on the penthouse of the skyscraper or on the mounts of moon, Identity should not be compromised at any cost.

Knowledge is an endless ocean. Its depth is as impenetrable as its breadth.

The fruits of knowledge and knowledge-creation are infinite. Paradise is just one of them.

Islam is a human experience full of color and vigor. Its teachings too should be imparted with the same hue.

Education is the best armor to protect from the weapons of mass and mind destruction.

Thirst and Creating Thirst for Knowledge are Twin Miracles.

Diamonds may be Doled for Free. Not Time.

Creativity, for a genius, is life. The rest are hobbies.

Emulating Sunna radiates Goodness farther & longer than Perfume does to Fragrance.

The One who brought the Gift to your Love-banquet transcends the Gift itself.

There is no magic pill to win love. Once won, albeit, Love is full of magic.

Desire is the prerequisite of Realization.

By forbidding figurative iconography, Islam has safeguarded the percept of God from racist & gender abominations– flaws which has largely alienated believers from other idolatrous faiths, including the Trinitarian Creed.

Muslims are being so obscenely obsessed with trivial theological & jurisprudential sectarianism that they are missing out on spiritual proximity to the Creator. Imagine the insolence of fighting over the palace pillars while ignoring the KING.

While guns & missiles destroy concrete buildings and human bodies alike, words are even mightier to impress and intimidate human minds.

In the age of mega indulgence, adoption of Prophetic etiquettes is both the shortest, and sweetest, way to attain higher spiritual progress.

Celebrate tears as gems of gratitude

Gratitude is like a glass of cold water. Tears are the dewdrops that flow down its surface. Don’t feel shy to shed them out

Tears is the best friend of Gratitude. They adorn one another

Gratitude is the key to unlock the door of success

Being ungrateful is to be unFaithful

Perfection is the forbidden fruit of the seeker

Firefighter is the King. Sufi, merely the Courtier. (inspired by Hasan Al-Basri’s episode)

Are our minds just shredding machine to process the creative waste of the entertainment moguls?

Do not blame the Way-giver if you did not have the Will in the first place.

That Divine elixir which leave our ears and hearts spell-bound. Its spectacular words aren’t words. But beyond… Subhanallah is all that the human can utter. In submission. In awe.

The True Man or Woman of God is one who finds their devotional ecstasy in the dust under the feet of their Mothers.

E is for Empathy. And that is the only difference between Human and Humane.

Minimalism is, perhaps, the greatest form of human sophistication.

Take refuge under the Shadowless, for, the shade of His Throne is in search of such lovers.

The greatest need of our needy times is to nobly identify our genuine needs.

The veil covers the man’s eyes, not the woman’s.

Native Americans and Palestinians suffer the same fate. Historic Reversal of Guest vs Host Role-play.

Obsessed with the Past. Fascinated with the Future. Alas! Man is always unfaithful to the Mistress of Present.

Pure Knowledge is a brutal beast. Unless Tamed with Wisdom.

Alhamdulillah is an experience, far from an utterance. At best, it is an active state of conscious mind, not an act of passive sigh.

The Fruit of Delay grows only on the Tree of Haste.