by Jaihoon

My hand moved to call her
I rushed home from the busy world
I rubbed my blurred eyes…
But forget it

I danced in joy with your mirage
I enjoyed your face in sleep
I jumped while in my dream…
But forget it

I held the pillow close to heart
I held my breath…
But forget it

O compassionate Shirin!
Your Farhad is in pain!

O passionate Leila
Majnun’s gone pale, ah!

Your absence kills me-
Inch by inch
My soul suffers
Bit by bit

My senses shatter
One by one

If not by your presence,
Heal me by means else!

Jaihoon untied his bonded sorrows-
For her to know
But for now…

July 05th 2006. After office hours


A poem about missing the loved one.