by Mujeeb Jaihoon

Part I

My caravan was passing to Madina
After completing the rites at Mecca

All in the caravan were overjoyed
Rawadha was going to be eyed

My heart began to quake
My legs began to shake

My fortune to enter this place-
For lovers on earth is this paradise

Just then I heard an angelic voice
When looked, I saw Jibreel’s face

He stopped me at Yathrib’s gate
And asked the reason for my late

“You claim to hold Beloved dear
Why then was he not for you prior?

You have come to see him at end
In the well of your love is a dent

Love is the first, last and foremost
The position is retained at any cost

Lord began with Light of Beloved
Thereafter the rest in order followed

What excuse do you then have
To claim for Mustafa any love?

Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam

Part II

“O the Trusted slave of Rabb-al-Alameen
O affectionate confidant of Rahmath-al-Alameen

In your mighty words lies a heavy truth
But heed to my tale before me you loathe

In day and night have I sinned
All my senses have I stained

My body is filthy
I smell of sins

My eyes are dirty
Of evil glance

My tongue is guilty
Of untrue words


I wanted to undo
The dirt of sins I did so far do

I drank of Zamzam
To clean my lips and tongue

Across Safa and Marwa I ran
So that,
Like Hajra-
My feet in virtue be swollen

I rubbed hands over al-aswad
So that they shine like a sword

I rounded His House several times
So that my each atom with love radiates

Half-belief is it to remain impure
How shall I come to Beloved near?

O the Trusted slave of Rabb-al-Alameen,
O affectionate confidant of Rahmath-al-Alameen!

Do you remember Beloved’s washed
Before to the skies had he reached

Just as to the Lord was his Mi’raj
Reaching Rawdha is my highest stage

Therefore here I am wholly purified
Allow me to walk to Heaven’s Beloved”

Part III
To Tasbih

The trial of love
Is to fight forgetfulness
At all moments flow
Zamzam of his love

Space and Time
Are attuned to his ways
Directions ‘re determined
With him at center

Gold and gems
And Everything precious-
Graded in his comparison, yet-
Humility’s his supreme greatness.

O Tasbih!

If I feel for you anything-
They call love
It is cause of the spread
Of Rahmath-lil-Alameen!

I simply wish
That my soul parts
As my pen runs
In his applause

I never consider myself
A content lover
I relate this tale for other-
Lovers to ponder

I repeat after Lahori
My own verses I bury:

“Mustafa is the strength of my heart
A lil’ more than Lord, is he dear to my heart”

Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam.

August 03 2006.