by Jaihoon

What happened all these days
Whomto had I turned my face
Why did I drink from cup else
When came over my soul these curls?

My faith’s tree fell upside down
I forgot the way to His town

Without a living soul
I turned to a rock
Even worms that crawl
Shunned my barren heart

I searched for the attributes of Adam
For, I could not recall nature of my being

I imitated the cry of a living man
But not a drop of tear in my eye came

My mind would not stay in a place
Jolting as a ferry caught in hurricane’s arms

I tried to cure my pain with ways diverse
I consumed with hope many kind of tonics

I pinned my hope on all but the true Cure
Who but Him could heal me for sure

I ran in shame from those who believed
(For), the stream of my heart elsewhere flowed

The hypocrite was more sincere in his deeds
I failed to move the rosary at par with his beads

Not even in the dream could I hear
The music of the Sage in rest at Lahore

While His slaves around danced
In the abundant rain of His mercy-
My cup was empty and broken
Even tears flowed not to quench

I fell out of His Grace
I hurt myself with sins!

I did get much love from my folk
Their lips were busy with my talk

But that did me no good
I starved for another food

Though many envied my joyful face
I covered the dirt of my wretched soul

Tonight when I laid crying in sujud
His Compassion covered me in tears
I opened my heart’s wounds before Him
I begged for the cure with His Rahm

In secret and in joy did I wail
Such pain, my face turned pale-

“Ya Rabb! Where else to knock
But on the door of Malikul Mulk!

This beggar feels like a king
When in your thought a tear I bring!

But You,
All love are in vain,
But You
All comforts are but pain

But You,
None but You”

O Reader!
These are just lines of a hypocrite’s joy
They aren’t of any worth for you to enjoy

Look not up to me for any lessons great
Wise ones ought not care for fools’ talk

Leave me alone to rant and vent
The silly story of my uprooted tent

Oct 22 2006