Ya Rabb!


To love you
so dear
I haven’t
Seen you near


To believe You
in fear
I haven’t
Heard you clear


Of my firm belief
I know nothing
Save I have a lil’
Or more love for him


I know I have a heart
It throbs for him of late


Oh! I know I exist
For I am of his caravan

O lovers!

If for Beloved Mustafa
You burn your heart
The forces of this world
Will fall at your feet

Sallallahu alahi wa sallam

If this colorful world
Had in it no Beloved
The garden be dull
Nightingale be lull…

O lovers!

World learnt the difference-
Between La and Illa.
No wonder why the kalima-
Ends in Muhammad Rasoolullah!

Love is an ocean deep
The more you dive-
The more treasures you heap
So much that you may return not alive

O lovers!

Ask me not what the love-
Of Madina does to your heart!

It conquers all your present strength
And then sets afire to every hair on you

Your veins reverberate with zeal
A spark lightens burden of the soul

There may be many others-
Ones who your love deserves


Believe me the love of Madina
Is of another kind
When it enters your soul
The difference you shall find!

It is like a comforting wind
From the rivers of paradise

Nay, I said it wrong!

Those rivers are
Themselves in ecstasy
For Madina is for
All worlds His Mercy!

This temporal world
And the hereafter-
Madina is the prize
What lovers are after!

Ya Rabb!

Sometimes I utter words
Which cross the limits

Yet give me some excuse
To continue my poetic exercise

Take me not into account
On these crazy lines’ ground

The tyrants across the lands
Commit murderous deeds

Women and children die-
As rotten leaves their bodies lie

For the sake of earth’s crude wealth
The able and weak both remain silent

No one cares damn about this excess
Their own wealth is to all that matters


Take me not into account
On these crazy lines’ ground

For love’s sake
Forgive this little sin

For love’s sake
Forgive me once again

For love’s sake-
Till I die may I write again!

Nov 06 2006