Mujeeb Jaihoon speaking at Darul Quran, Pazhur, Calicut

While guns & missiles destroy concrete buildings and human bodies alike, words are even mightier to impress and intimidate human minds, inspires Mujeeb Jaihoon during the talk entitled, Words: Crafting Style. Casting Spell, held at Darul Quran Islamic Academy, Pazhur, Calicut (Aug 06 2018)

Party of the Quran: The Elite

Although you are little children, you are an elite group in this locality. Your station is lofty and magnificent. You are the ‘Party of the Quran’, which is no silly thing. For, you carry within your hearts the inimitable verses of Allah.

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Modernity: The Scion of Quran

Quran, the most modern and philosophical text on the planet, has inspired countless minds across the annals of history. If you find anything more modern than the Quran, it only shows your lesser understanding of the Holy text. The Quran is also the final testament of Truth. Unlike smartphone apps, there are no frequent updates or versions to its text. By aligning with it— both text and meaning— to the maximum extend, we, too, will become an advanced community in this world.

Islamic Preaching Minus Aesthetics

Words are among the holy creations of Allah— an ocean of meanings are condensed in the womb of a single word. Words should be crafted with utmost care. Islam, revealed through the most beautiful personality of the Holy Prophet, should be defined and described as well with the most beautiful of words known to humanity. Writers, singers and preachers should make sincere soul-searching if they have done their best while broadcasting the message of God. It is ironic that Islamic preachers in Kerala use the most outdated diction while politicians and economists express in modern language. The same is unfortunately true of religious event banners and branding literature in general. Organizers seem to display poor professionalism and little quality control in matters of Islamic activism. Islam, thus, should never be represented minus its aesthetics.

Sunna: The Seven Star Lifestyle

There is no other lifestyle more healthy and hygienic as the Prophetic. For, the only thing he demanded on his deathbed was neither the sword nor the rosary, but the miswak, or the tooth twig. Oral health, hence, forms an essential ‘snippet’ of the Islamic spiritual source code. The first act he performed after returning home from outside was brushing his teeth. Prophetic Practice is the Supreme Seven Star standard for everyday life.

Words: Powerful than Guns & Bombs

While guns and missiles are powerful enough to destroy concrete buildings and human bodies alike, words are mightier to impress and intimidate human minds lasting for ages. Words, hence, should be crafted carefully and cautiously to evoke the right sentiment in the audience. The medium of Islamic Da’wa should be native-friendly and culture-gently as well.

Naturewatch: The Quranic Passion

The ‘Party of Quran’ are the Party of Naturewatch as well. They shall maintain a curious spirit for all things natural. Trees and mountains are their best friends. Monsoon, for them, is the month of prayers, not just rains.

Dashing from Digital Games to Physical Sports

Sports, especially for young students, is nothing short of Ibadah, especially as a getaway from lethargy-inducing gadgetry. It will give you energy and enthusiasm for learning opportunities. Shifting from digital games to physical sports is an imperative for our smart technology-colonized minds and hearts. Mobility is essential for the mind, not just the body, for the flow of clutter-free thoughts and ideas. All conveniences come with a cost. Reliance on technology, especially on smart screens, is no exception. Students are the worst affected among its victims.

Words and Rain: Descend not as Desired

Words and phrases, like rain, shall descend on their wish, not upon the request of the person. Therefore, ideas have to be honored as and when they arrive. Ignoring or postponing doing so is equivalent to humiliating them.

Imitation: Ingratitude to God

Allah has created everyone unique with distinct talents. Hence, when one imitates the other in creativity, they are being ungrateful for His blessings. Imitation is antithetical to the spirit of Service of God. Therefore, one should strive to be as original as possible in their creative production, be it for Him or His creations.