Time is too precious to be considered free, asserts Mujeeb Jaihoon along with other disruptive life-tweaking tips during the interactive session at Darul Huda Islamic University Punganur, Andhra Pradesh– India | Feb 19 2019

Appreciating Sunna’s Modern Relevance.

Dental care is a multi-billion industry today. One of the most popular complementary items for its spoiled gusts at the top star hotels is the dental kit. Dental products are advertised on huge billboards across the highways. A believer will fondly recall that the Prophet’s last material wish before his departure to meet with His Lord was the tooth-twig, not rosary or the sword. Tooth cleaning is a preferable act preceding obligatory and voluntary prayers. It is also recommended prior to the recitation of the Holy Book as well as performing ablution.
Appreciating the modern relevance of Prophetic practices is, perhaps, the greatest service Islamic activists can offer for their widely misunderstood Faith. Conveying the beautiful and scientific aspects of Sunna is a duty binding on every lover of the Holy Prophet. For, a true lover would go to any extend to glorify the beauty of his Beloved.

Islam and Beauty.

Islamic civilization is built on beauty. For, what is not beautiful is not Islamic either. Islamic etiquettes are fashioned out of the highest regard for human engagements. Worship of God is inexorably designed as the most beautiful of human actions. Perhaps, the reason for moderation, the fruit of Beauty, to be preferred over extremism in devotional practices. The Lord is magnificently called ‘Beautiful’ who loves Beauty in his Creations. Architecture, among the most pristine expressions of beauty, is a domain where Muslims have made splendid contributions.

Islam Races to be Race-free.

Islam is not a racial enterprise. Never does it enforce a monochrome culture over its diverse adherents. Muslims continue to live according to their local traditions and customs. Islam has only enriched the cultural wealth of its native hosts. It aims to build a cordial relationship with other communities. The preachers shall ensure that they do nothing to destroy this heritage of Islam.

Faith. Leisure. Time.

No human act is too silly or ‘unaccountable’ to be considered a passive ‘hobby’. Time is too precious to be considered free. Diamonds may or may not be doled out free. Not time. Students and teachers may note that sports and leisure activities are holy for a believer. Laziness or lethargy are evil and abominable. Why else would God ask us to seek refuge from weakness and laziness? Creative endeavors have to be taken seriously for promoting goodness and peace in the society.

Creativity is Life.

Men and women often assume they shall perform certain tasks when they would get free from their routine engagements. They postpone their creative expressions for that fine morning when there would be nothing to bother them anymore. However, the reality is that no one is going to be blessed with such a moment in the future, especially in today’s brutal busy lifestyle. The verdict— what one would not do when busy, they may not be able to do while free as well.

Creativity, for a genius, is life. The rest are just hobbies.


Located in the Chittoor District of India’s southern state of Andhra Pradesh, DHIU Punganur, like its parental institution, Darul Huda Islamic University (based in Kerala), offers free of cost religious and secular education to its students, who hail from local and other states including Jharkand, Bihar, Chattisgarh and Odisha. DHIU Andhra also spearheads several community initiatives including the popular Maktab initiative, which aims at the revitalization of traditional madrassa education among the local population. Through this initiative, the madrassa teachers are given training in modern teaching techniques which are compliant with the mainstream society.


Posted Feb 28 2019