The Sufi and Scientist are synonyms, than antonyms, in the eyes of Quranic worldview, reasons Mujeeb Jaihoon in a disruptive talk at Darul Huda Islamic University Punganur, Andhra Pradesh– India | Feb 19 2019

Nature Beautifies the Profane & Spiritual Structures

Mosques play an important role in the life of a believer. The place of Nature, too, isn’t different either. Trees, plants and grass are important creations of Allah. They not only feed and protect us, but beautify our profane and spiritual structures too.
The masjid, where we are seated now, offers a phenomenal glance, especially in the early morning. Its minarets amongst the seminary of greenery around it brings joy and cheer for the onlookers, be they of any dogmatic denomination. It inspires the heavenly birds with fresh vigor and purpose for the rest of the day. You, too, should show the same respect and awe with Nature as you do towards this holy building. For, the Holy Quran constantly reminds us to view the signs of God in nature for renewing our Faith in God.

Sufi & Scientist are Synonymous

We ought to rejoice Allah’s Glory from nature as much we celebrate His Mercy in the mosques. This is the sum total of a believer’s spiritual enterprise. Islam does not recognize a spirituality minus the observation and absorption of Nature’s wonders. The Sufi and Scientist, hence, are synonyms, than antonyms, in the eyes of Quranic worldview. Nature is not a convenient poetic metaphor, but an actual source of Divine inspiration, to fire the spiritual and intellectual oomph of men and women, especially in our mediocre modernity.

Discipline in Prayer. On roads too.

Coming to the societal aspect, Discipline is also a crucial component of Islamic society. When Muslims assemble for congregational prayer, they do so in ranks. Perhaps, Allah loves and prefers orderly arrangement to chaotic crowding, even during prayer. Believers, therefore, may only follow the discipline on the roads as well as classrooms with a smile, considering it as an extension of the order they follow in masjids.


Located in the Chittoor District of India’s southern state of Andhra Pradesh, DHIU Punganur, like its parental institution, Darul Huda Islamic University (based in Kerala), offers free of cost religious and secular education to its students, who hail from local and other states including Jharkand, Bihar, Chattisgarh and Odisha. DHIU Andhra also spearheads several community initiatives including the popular Maktab initiative, which aims at the revitalization of traditional madrassa education among the local population. Through this initiative, the madrassa teachers are given training in modern teaching techniques which are compliant with the mainstream society.


Posted March 07 2019