The Creator chose Mim
Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam
To inaugurate his ‘kun’

Mustafa into the world arrived
‘Fa Yakun’ has since continued

Mustafa is the ‘Bismi’
To whom all owe praise

All praise to the Merciful Him
Into this cosmos was sent Mim

All praise to the Mighty Him-
Earth so blessed, rest not

All praise to the Wise Him-
Adam’s race chosen, rest not

The world remains alive
As far as sounded is his name

Seasons come and go
His thoughts still glow

O my leader!
My savior
My love

Praising you is my only means
To stay clean from inhuman stains

O Gem of this cosmos
O fragrance of Paradise

Help me, O Beloved
To describe your own greatness

I have no more words
Nor any apt lines

To perfect you praise
I undergo numerous pains

I wish to do justice
To your magnificence

O Beloved!

I wish not everyone know
The love for you I show

I play hide and seek
Such my love not leak

Yet how can I conceal
The thrill of you I feel

Your love is like musk
Its smell spreads fire-like

I have a wretched soul
I live in total disorder

I want to cry
In your love I die

Make me of your clan
May I become human

O Muhammad!

Into this world
I would not have been born
This cosmos with you
Lord did not adorn

March 30 2007
(On the eve of Milad Nabi)