Quran aims to build and benefit civilizations, not shun and shatter them. Revolution, in the Qur’anic sense, is reviving the Good in an evolutionary fashion— alerts Mujeeb Jaihoon at the Najath School of Qur’an, Thalankara- Kasaragod, Kerala – India | Aug 08 2018

Baking Change in the Oven of Patience

A mere acquaintance with the language of the Revelation is not sufficient for understanding the Holy Book. Without believing in its ultimacy and infallibility, the appreciation of Qur’an will remain incomplete.

A sweet recitation of Qur’an is by itself a most beautiful form of Dawa. Just as anyone would enquire about the writer of an interesting book or the singer behind a captivating song, the listener of Qur’anic recitation would also seek the source of Qur’an.

Qur’an has been a monumental force in stimulating world changing scientific discoveries. It kindled the spirit of scientific inquiry among its adherents, who later spread the fire to the rest of the world, including Europe. Qur’an aims to build and benefit civilizations, not shun and shatter them. Revolution, in the Qur’anic sense, is reviving the Good in an evolutionary fashion. Hence, Change, in Prophetic traditions, can only be baked in the oven of Patience, for, the latter is allocated half of the Faith’s real estate.

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Passion in Play and Work.

Neither play nor work should be treated unceremoniously. Students should be trenchant in accomplishing both with equal vigor. Work and play aren’t apples and oranges. One complements the other. A child playing under the scorching sun is only as zany as the one burning the midnight lamp for academic exams.

The beauty of life lies in its minutiae, howsoever silly they may be. Moreover, ‘Allah is beautiful and loves beauty’. Hence, when one speaks, sings or writes about the beautiful Message and Messenger of God, they need to maintain maximum caution to beautify the content as humanly possible. Da’wa is no child’s play. However, it should be as charming as an innocent child’s game.

Dreamer Dies. Dream Lives On.

The aspiration of a dreamer lives on, even after the latter fades. In fact, the rip-roaring dreamer more or less dissolves for the realization of his or her vision, just as the candle burns itself to radiate light to the needy. In most cases, it is either the dream or the friends and relatives and party: nay, either the Vision or the Visionary.

Legends Loathe Lethargy.

Legends are congruent with selflessness, not indulgence. The whims and fancies of the fickle-minded braggarts do not hold water in the tide of Time. We celebrate legends for their climb to the altars of renunciation where they unloaded their everyday comforts and joys. Legends loathe Lethargy as hell-fire, or worse.

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Najath School of Quran, Thalankara- Kasaragod, Kerala


Posted April 15 2019

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