May 4 2019 (Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu): KKN Kurup, the award-winning historian of India and a former vice-chancellor of the University of Calicut, was presented with The Cool Breeze From Hind, historical fiction by Mujeeb Jaihoon.

A well known specialist in the history of the Malabar region of South India, Kurup is known for his outspoken praise of the Thuhfathul Mujahideen penned by Muslim scholar Zainuddin Makhdoum of Ponnani in the 16th century and refers to the renowned historical text as the ‘manifesto of anti-colonial struggles in the country’.

Dubbed as ‘a mystical discourse on Indian Indigeneity’, The Cool Breeze From Hind treats the reader to a mystic feast of brilliant visual metaphors and powerful imagery with a rare poetic-prose prowess unique to this UAE-based Indian storyteller. Drawing heavily on Kerala’s historical persons, places and happenings, Jaihoon alerts readers about the dangers of the demonic Monoculture,which wounds the spirit of India’s pluralistic and secular fabric. Adopting a mystic narrative reminiscent of medieval Sufism, the book celebrates India as a multicultural haven of diversity and tolerance: the Gulistan.

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