The pathetic drunkards and drug addicts have no clue about the intoxicating state of Prophetic Love. A poetic tribute to those blessed ones who hosts the Guest of His Arsh in their hearts’ chambers.

by Mujeeb Jaihoon

Strange is the Beloved
Stranger even is his lover

How can he not be humble?
How can he not with pride swell?
For, his Heart hosts the Sultan—
Guest who once was at the Throne

Pity the Drunk
Ignore the Drugged
They are yet to intoxicate
With the cup of Meem-state

Soul may swirl
Heart may stir
Intellect may swoon
Senses may sink

Angels will vie to see him
Saints will wait to meet him
Joy will rush to his heart
And Light, dance in the eyes


Aug 08 2019