Our dark eyes & filthy hearts unqualify us to claim the love of the Beloved. In spite, a poetic attempt to plead with the Loved One for a generous excuse.

by Mujeeb Jaihoon

O the Becca of my being
And the pulse of my vein
O the Conqueror of hearts
Of the master of worlds

I know commit I a grave sin
Love you when I maintain
For, my heart: filthy sans faith
And my eyes: dark sans light

O my Beloved.
My veins and blood
My garden
My rose-red

To claim your love in return
Be the dream I cherish inane
Yet, I seek your generous excuse,
To brag my pain for little ease

Tongues thousands sparse
Books billions too scarce
To define and describe your love
Humanity may be born twice

Unqualified am I for your praise
Underserve I your love.
Unable to argue my case
Unmask may I your name?


Aug 27 2019


Becca : Or Bakkah is the Quranic usage for Makkah, the holiest shrine in Islam