RamaRajya, Mahatma Gandhi’s non-violent utopia of mutual tolerance, has no place for bigots who lynch and leech the Weak.

by Mujeeb Jaihoon

Lynch my body
Pinch my soul
Punch my pride
Drench my blood

Staunch be your henchmen
Bunch of bigoted hooligans
Flinch us they from progress
Wrench us they from justice

Exhaust every trick in your bag
Pull every arrow off your quiver
Bribe your cheerleaders forever
Swing your dagger far and deeper

Alas! Destiny’s Wheel will one day turn
In your own inferno shall you burn
Hate will then find no buyers
Fade shall every Fake Soothsayers

Rama’s Rajya will then re-assign
Love and equality will re-reign
Unity and Diversity will re-align
Tolerance will do India define

Sep 11 2019


Rama Rajya, a concept popularized by Mahatma Gandhi, is described as an idealistic democratic and non-violent society of equals, promising swift justice and respect for all faiths with zero military presence.