by Mujeeb Jaihoon

A poetic appeal to the callous comrade to spare the senses of the lover.

Stab me still like a stalker why
A thousand times I earlier die

Refuse me your glance why
Rob me you moments nigh

Drown me in flood of tears why
Blinded my sight in your sigh

Forsake me in your dreams why
Not once you appear in my eye

Part from your victim forever why
Leave this refugee in lands dry

Punish me with your absence why
Strike me instead or push from cliff high

Haunt me like a dreaded ghost why
The kite of hope you deceitfully fly

Poach me like a Tigress why
Scorn me with words wry

Tease me with your smile why
Show little mercy to one in state-die

Is Parting, o Tyrant, your most generous gift
Surely, Death be lighter than this verdict

O callous comrade.

Steal my sleep
Snatch my peace
Swell my wounds
Alas! spare my senses

Leave me alone to scribble my madness
Free me, I beg, to celebrate my anguish

Published Dec 3 2019. Saint Petersburg – Russia