The Indian Muslim will not faint and falter at the Numeric Altar of the regime— Jaihoon’s poetic slam of India’s discriminatory Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019

You flatter the visiting guests at the Mahal
And feast on the biryani, kababs and jamuns
You flex your patriotic muscles at the Fort
And reign in the city who the Sultans built

You gloat in sherwani hailing the ghazal
And flirt with your beloved in the Urdu vowel
You claim to be one nation- united by the folk of Babar
India: whose very name was donated by the Other

Now, at last, when you have had all the nectar
You ask the Flower to prove its love for the Garden!

We fought the Colonial Satan tooth and nail
We sacrificed our children for this dignified soil

Don’t be fooled that your threat will have us falter
We shall remain firm: not faint at your Numeric Altar.

We are here to forever stay
So try not to keep us at bay
Amend your thought and say
And join us in peace and love play

Published Dec 12 2019.