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The fate of Divisive rulers and their doormats have been suicidal at best, predicts Jaihoon in a scathing piece on the fascist attacks at Indian campuses.

Popcorn Time for India’s Adversaries

India’s enemies are having the time of their lives now: eating popcorn while watching the theatrics of political unrest sweeping across the largest democracy in the world. Indians and her economy are burning at the hands of its Fascist regime, leaving the ‘infiltrating spy intelligence’ of hostile neighbors literally jobless. India, envied till recently for its secular and tolerant heritage, is passing through one of its darkest nights while the sun of Fascism is shining at its brightest.

jamia protest

Barbaric Trespass

The widespread protests against the CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act) across the Country’s university campuses have evoked nationwide response against the brute use of force at the student community. The security forces have barbarically trespassed into classrooms, wrecked libraries and damaged prayer rooms inside the campus. Visuals of students with smashed eyes and bleeding heads are forcing the public to question the very intend of those responsible for maintaining law and order. The student fraternity of JNU, IIT Mumbai, Banares Hindu University came out on the streets in solidarity with those afflicted in Jamia Milia Islamia and Aligarh Muslim University.

National Solidarity

The most violent protests were witnessed in ‘minority-branded’ campuses, claim the cheerleaders of the ruling regime. However, that does not explain the logic behind the state-wide protests in Assam, the north-eastern region, where non-Muslim ethnic peoples are on the streets against the CAA. Nevertheless, the unprecedented protests by the apolitical citizens has certain message for the influential elites of the country.

Vegetable Politicians

Firstly, for the Vegetable Politicians, who refused to participate in the popular uprisings have their days numbered. Leading politicians, from the Left and Right, reduced their response to tweets and posts on their egomaniac timelines. It was the students who unabatedly bled and defended their colleagues without any support from the prominent politicians. Despite being home to several national leaders, not a single Parliamentarian in Delhi rushed to rescue the students from State-sponsored atrocities. The public, hopefully, will not forget the inaction of these vegetable politicians and this fiasco may give rise to a new brand of brand-less student leaders in the future, thus skewing the political landscape of the country.

Lapdog Media

Secondly, the Media who either ignore the countrywide protests or treacherously tweak the narrative are going to pay huge price for their lapdog loyalty to the regime. Their partisan portrayal makes them partners in crime against the popular resentment brewing against the Establishment. Citizen journalism will soon break the spine of mainstream biased reporting.

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Selfie CelebritiesThirdly, the celebrities— from film, music or sports— who built their stardom with the emotional bricks of fanatic admirers, have turned a deaf ear to the cry of the student community. Despite many stars being alma mater of leading campuses affected by the bloody protests, they chose to remain silent cheerleaders of the oppressive regime. There was a time when it was considered fashionable to be anti-government. However, these stars have lost their ‘glitter’ of conscience as they vie for the selfie with the ‘Divisive Lord’.

Once. Twice. Not Always

The strategy of the Fascists have always been to chop the Leg if it doesn’t fit the Shoe. They may be successful once, twice but not always. History will not forgive those bigots who failed India and her secular ideals. The fate of those who divide the people on basis of religion or race have been suicidal at best. The same has been true for those doormats who served them for vested interests.


Mujeeb Jaihoon is an Indian-born writer and socio-cultural commentator based in the UAE. As a prolific traveler, Jaihoon has extensively traveled to cradles of ancient civilizations in various parts of the world. He serves as director at several educational institutions, besides playing an advisory role in community development projects. Jaihoon is also a regular speaker on issues pertaining to education and women empowerment, besides being a vocal critic of wars and injustice. He has authored nine books including Slogans of the Sage and The Cool Breeze From Hind. His blog can be reached on