In Jaihoon’s poetic slam of State-sponsored brutalities, Gandhari, the vedic & virtuous queen of Meerut, decries the sufferings of the orphans in UP, India.

Gandhari once again blindfolded her glance
Unable to bear the plight of the Meerut Orphans
One hundred sons had she to bloody wars lost
Since then had she became every orphan’s host

She shrieked for the orphans of Gulzar Road
Their father, a laborer, was now dead
Thugs of the Vengeful Tyrant saw him a prey
The boys still wait his return from work to play

She consoled the to-be-wed Saina of the Shukkur Nagar
Her father, dead now, unable to fulfil her marital prayer
The ‘Peacekeepers’ had unleashed their carnage
Showing no mercy nor justice to the young nor aged

She recalled her own agony when Imrana wept
‘My orphaned babies have none to call their dad’,
Said the pregnant mother in tears–
As she await the next orphan to be born

With Dhritarashtra she shared the tale of Aleem
The baker who struggled to see his kids smile
Bullets of hate pierced his chest
Batons of prejudice struck his corpse
Peace: an unwanted corpse in Meerut
Justice: molested at broad daylight
Gandhari, the queen of virtue and the Pativratha
Cried foul at the guards of the Fake-Devout:

“Justice is the slogan of Bharat and Ram
Compassion is the soul of this kingdom
Saint-robed tyrants will burn in hell
Forever shall they in my curse dwell

My soul is with those killed in haste, unjust
My prayer is with those who the victims assist.
In Kanpur and Rampur, let there be no fear
In Lucknow and Sambal, let peace prevail”


Gandhari: The mother of 100 martyr sons and the queen of the Dhritarashtra, the blind king of Hastinapur, a city in the Meerut district of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Mahabharata and Bhagwatgita, the revered Hindu texts, describe Meerut as the capital of Kuru Kingdom. She is also considered as an archetype of virtue and moral strength.

Blindfolded: During her wedding, she had blindfolded herself in loyalty and solidarity with her bling husband.

This poem is based on the eye-witness testimonial of CK Subair, leading Kerala-based social activist and politician, who shared his personal account with the Poet after meeting with the survivors of the carnage in Meerut.

Media has carefully documented the excesses of Police force including destruction of properties and vehicles, assault on men and women and looting of cash and jewellery.

Published Dec 27 2019.