Jaihoon’s selected tweets from 2020. Updated January 09 2020

Spineless Heroes. Tigress Sheroes. My Beloved India in 2020.

Fascists attack with Rod. India resists with the Head. #JNUattack

Newest Low for humanity : Cultural monuments are more sacred than the lives of innocent men and women.

Indian Democracy badly in need of a ‘Svyam Sevak’ Sena in the self-defense battle for survival against the Fascist goons.

Where have all the BALLS of Cricket and Bollywood disappeared? #JNUattack #JNUBleeds #BollywoodWakeUp

Feeble Roses cannot stand up to Fascist Batons. Fight Force with Force, not tweets. #JNUViolence #JNUattack #jnuhorror

Fascist Hindutva terror unmasked: Is this the Armageddon of Indian Democracy?

Delhi needs street smart politicians now. #JNUViolence #JNUattack #jnuhorror

Bhakt ke joothe kaat ke khayenge ya choos ke?

A Kerala mosque has opened its gates and coffers for a Hindu wedding, complete with lamps and rituals, to help out a poor family and set an example at a time many fear that India’s secular fabric is under threat.

Chowkidar Gaddar Hai

Soleimani is no more the revolutionary Mallus-only favorite choice of refreshment.

For, it is love, and love alone, which testifies for our humanity. As long we can love, we continue to be humans.