Jaihoon's thematic presentation at EMEA Training College, Kondotty- Kerala

Jaihoon’s critical tweets on the Fascist-fashioned atrocities on Indian campuses and the imposition of anti-Muslim legislations (NRC, CAA)

Spineless Heroes. Tigress Sheroes. My Beloved India in 2020.

Fascists attack with Rod. India resists with the Head. #JNUattack

Indian Democracy badly in need of a ‘Svyam Sevak’ Sena in the self-defense battle for survival against the Fascist goons.

Where have all the BALLS of Cricket and Bollywood disappeared? #JNUattack #JNUBleeds #BollywoodWakeUp

Feeble Roses cannot stand up to Fascist Batons. Fight Force with Force, not tweets. #JNUViolence #JNUattack #jnuhorror

Fascist Hindutva terror unmasked: Is this the Armageddon of Indian Democracy?

Bhakt ke joothe kaat ke khayenge ya choos ke?

Chowkidar Gaddar Hai

Why is no one protesting the omission of non-religionists from the CAA ? #CAAProtest #CAA_NRC_NPR

Mission 2020: Liberate India from the #Chaddiwale

Hitler’s ghost may haunt Sangh & co for plagiarizing his Nazi talks and tactics. #NaziIndiaRejected #IITMADRAS #GermanyagainstCAA

Cheerleaders of the Twin Dinosaurs should remember that TERMITES have withstood the tsunami of Time even as DINOSAURS have perished.

Joke of the century: Passport is not proof of citizenship. #IndiaRejectsNRC

Irony just ‘suicided’ a thousand times when the State alienated the Community whose forehead kisses the Nation’s soil fives a day as they worship the Creator. #NoToNRC #Jumamubarak

NRC: All Indians are foreigners until proved otherwise, as per Shah’s terms. #IndiaRejectsNRC

Indian Democracy under Maintenance Mode: The New Founding Fathers maybe revising the Constitution too for possible ‘secular’ mistakes in the First Edition.

Disconnected Republic of India. #IndiaRejectsCAB

The strategy of the Fascists have always been to chop the Leg if it doesn’t fit the Shoe.

Fascism shining Bright in the darkest days for Indian Democracy. #Jamia #CABProtests

The hope of believer is stronger than the reality of the weak.

Lapdog Cheerleaders of the Establishment can strip their conscience to any limit.