Shaheen Bagh Calicut

SHAHEEN, meaning falcon, and BAGH, the garden of diversity, represent the true spirit of Indian heritage— asserts Mujeeb Jaihoon in Shaheen Bagh Square (Indefinite Protest – Feb 01 2020 onwards), organized by Muslim Youth League, on Feb 29 2020

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It would be great injustice if I don’t attend this protest which fights for the soul of India. We need to ponder about this beautiful phrase called Shaheen Bagh. Shaheen stands for falcon, a huge magnificent bird which soars in the skies. As our beloved poet Allama Iqbal wrote,

Tu Shaheen hai, Parwaaz hai kaam TeraYou are a falcon and your task is to fly higher

India a magnificent and powerful country which has a heritage and civilizations worth thousands of years.

Bagh means garden where different flowers bloom; not just one. It stands for different faiths, different belief systems and political opinions. We have historically addressed India as a Gulistan, which is the same as Bagh.

Shaheen bagh is the very spirit of an Indian citizen. Surely, we are becoming part of history as we join the Shaheen Bagh square in Calicut. Shaheen Bagh is all what India stands for.

The Corona virus, which originated from the powerful China, is eating up the entire world. Till recently, everybody wanted to business with the most competitive economy in the world. But this very small virus has created havoc in China and its economy is shivering. So never judge anything by its size. ‘Shaheen Bagh’, which may seem to be a harmless minority protest, is the Corona virus that is going to eat up the Sangh Parivar brigade in India. The Shaheen Bagh protest will destroy its goons and murders who are very killing the very spirit of India.

We, as the Indian Muslims, perhaps have a bigger claim on our heritage than others. The very name India is the contribution of Arab world, from the word ‘al Hind’. A few days back, the most powerful man in the world, the president of United States, had visited our great country. He, with chose the Taj Mahal to take selfie with his wife. Likewise, the Israeli PM chose the same Mughlas-built monument to take selfie.

The Taj and many other monuments such as the Red Fort, where India celebrates the Republic Day, prove that we are the locals of this country and those who accuse us as foreigners are the ones who have to prove their belonging to this land. These are contributions of the Muslim civilization which make us Indians first and we shall always remain Indians.