Life is beautiful, not only with good job and car, but fresh air and colorful flowers too, says Mujeeb Jaihoon at Tarang (National arts meet organized by Nilgiri Arts & Science College. Other guests included Rashid Gazzali, Mohan Kumar and Durrai. (Feb 27 2020)

I am extremely delighted to address this artistic lot. You may be incredibly excited to participate in the various arts competitions for which you may have meticulously prepared.

I am told that all the promotional items used for today’s event – banners, boards and decorative articles- are made of recycled materials. One of the biggest problems we face today is our disconnection with nature. We have become very violent in our dealings with nature. In one form or other, we murder nature for our individual comforts and social celebrations.

Hence, the bamboo sticks used in the stage decorations, the jute sacks for banners and used tires for your stalls— these are acts of great compassion towards building a kinship with the Nature. Education is not only about enhancing your skills and degrees, but also about building a friendly, humane and merciful relationship with fellow humans and Nature as well.

This institution, located amid the lush and heavenly landscape, has a responsibility to show utmost love, respect and care for the Nature’s beauty and scarce resources. It is the duty of every human being alive today to ensure Nature’s blessings aren’t depleted needlessly. Once Nature is killed, there can be no U-turn.

Our life is beautiful, not only with a good job, home and car, but with fresh air, green trees, flowing streams and colorful flowers smiling at us.