We wander in wilderness hunting for Love only to discover that Love is lingering at the doorstep of the Beloved, admits Jaihoon in an ode to the Holy Prophet sallallahualaihiwasallam

by Mujeeb Jaihoon

The root of my sanity
The fruit of my humanity

The fire of my activist within
The robe of my ascetic within

To look upon in fear: the Hope
To grab when I fall: the Rope

The armor in my fight
The argument in my right

My heart escaped its death
Throb I when in your desire

Times many have I died in the past
When for a while I fell from your love

Life becomes tasteless and colorless
Comforts when much, your love but less

O Meem!
I searched everywhere for Love, whereas-
Found it lingering at your doorstep


Feb 20 2020