When we are left without a guide in our solitary ride and none to confide, we turn to our Creator for solace- Jaihoon’s passionate verses on Ramadan prayers


What has gone so wrong-
What seemed little, now seems long?


Did YOU not accept his prayers?
Did YOU not like his tears?


Did YOU not receive his thanks
For the food he eats, water he drinks


Every dhikr he repeats a hundred times
Only to know if YOU love him as he thinks


Sitting and standing, he asks and begs
Until there comes pain on his legs


Still… O Rabb!
Why is his heart so dumb?


Still… why is no light
Kindling his heart bright?

This is such a blessed Month
Still, upon this world is his heart bent


The hands are counting
The lips are moving
Still, O My Dear Creator
Why to You my hearts isn’t roving?


My soul finds no peace
When YOU are at a distant pace


Without a single inspiring guide
I am alone in my solitary ride
Away from this world my soul has shied
Since no one is worthy to confide


Whenever I commit any thoughtless fault
With much Mercy towards me have You dealt


Allah! Do I not deserve your pleasure-
When I’m calling you without any leisure?


Day and night have I perpetually sinned
Yet, my hopes upon You are eagerly pinned


Help me understand
As the companions of Right Hand
Sound into my ears
A little of those joyful words:


‘Enter among my servants
Enter into my paradise’.


November 10th 2002.