The servant becomes ecstatic with joy when Lord answers his or her plea. But joy of fulfilment is incomplete without expressing gratitude- insists Jaihoon




Oh Lord! YOU know very well
What in my heart was then
And what in my heart is now
When YOUR answer is given


In eagerness had I called upon YOU!
With much confidence had I relied upon YOU!


I was full of zeal
When in tears did I call


Never for once
Had I lost my confidence


I had pinned all my hopes
On YOUR Loving Grace!


Like any other eager slave
I wished to be the one
To whom was given
Prayer’s reply at once


Ya Kaafiyal Muhimmat!
Ya Daafi’al Baliyyat!
Ya Muhallilal Mushkilat!
Ya Mujeeb Ad-da’wat!


All through the morning had I sat
To avert the threat I felt
Reciting Salat on Salat
On the Coolness of my Heart




Now that your answer has come
Forever grateful have I become


In the eyes of my beloved
Tears on tears have flowed
Thanking YOU for the honor saved
And from the trouble rescued


All my strengths and weaknesses
Are known to YOU!
All my deeds- good and bad
Are shown to YOU!


“Although through (Your) purity
You know my feelings
Lend ear to my words
O Cherisher of thy slave!”


O the ONE! The All Hearing One!
You have heard my cry,
Out of your Mercy!
Thanks to You!


Now hear my gratitude,
That I convey to you in solitude!


In this little tale is taught
A lesson that is indeed sweet
If upon the Full Moon is sent salat
Safe and secure will you become from the worldly craft.



Ya Kaafiyal Muhimmat…Ya Mujeeb Ad-da’wat! : Different kinds of prayers for adressing God.

Coolness of my Heart: The Holy Prophet of Islam

“Although through (Your) purity… : taken from Masnavi (Vol. III) of Rumi

Full Moon: The Holy Prophet


Posted in 2002