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We submit our faults in HIS presence from whom there is nothing to hide as we stand silent like a bride- Jaihoon’s bold lines pleading to the Most Merciful

Ya Rabbana! Ya Rabbana!
Tumhaari Rehmat ka kya kehna!

My own sins do I openly blame
Making my soul blind and lame
In my eyes flow tears of shame
I see how soon Your Mercy came

In YOUR worship is so much joy
Every vein in me wants to cry

Ya Allah!
Show Jaihoon the path of ‘Siraat
Save him from those in astray and wrath!

I see the flowers in their divine dance
And the little ones smiling across the fence
But these wonders carry no substance
If I reflect not YOUR Clear Signs

Ya Rabbana! Ya Rabbana!

Forgive this wretched and corrupt slave
For, his words only YOU will believe

‘Tis true
A dumb person can never speak
‘Tis true
Only lies can come from liar’s beak

But still,

In Your Presence do I submit
My entire faults do I humbly admit
Allah! What from YOU is left to hide
I stand embarrassed, silent like a bride

Allah! YOUR Mercy have you ever withheld?
Hence, show a little, if not much, Mercy to me

Let those preying eyes of envy
Learn from me a lesson

There is much good I wish to do:
I beg Time to give me its due
All my skills I want to further brew
For the task which for others shall Faith renew

In my heart is a wonderful tale
‘What a gem’ will every believer call
Ya Rabb! Keep the dreadful Azraeel still
Until this Nightingale’s song is to its full

O Allah! Keep alive this Hindi Deer
To complete the praises of the Hijazi Seer
‘O My Merciful Him!’ Consider my plea
Although in Your sight I am a worthless flea

Consider not my vile body
But my soul’s thought about YOU
Consider not the pen
But its blood-written tale

You know well how many lines I composed
In the love of YOUR Beloved had I rehearsed

Ya Rabbana! Ya Rabbana!
Tumhaari Rehmat ka kya kehna!


Ya Rabbana… ki kya kehna!: O Our Lord! What to say of Your Mercy

Siraat: Sirat Muthaqeem, the Straight path

Keep the dreadful Azraeel still: Delay the angel of death

Hindi: Indian

Hijazi Seer: The Holy Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam

Friday, Feb 7th 2003