The slave can readily accept the lockdown of his entire freedom provided the Master unlocks His Love within him or her–– Jaihoon’s Lailathul Qadr 2020 poem

Ya Qaabid

Take away my fleeting kingdom
Withhold my flying freedom

Snatch my entire fortune
Blessings every opportune

Lock upon lock shall I embrace
With a smile shall I verdict brace

Ya Fattah. Ya Wadood

Refrain or restrain
Bearable is any pain

Conceal not Your Compassion
Contain not Your Consideration

Ya al-Haqq

Ya Malik-al-Mulk

Unlock YOUR Love within
Set me free in worlds twin


Ya Qaabid : O Withholder

Ya Fattah : O Opener

Ya Wadood: O Most Loving

Ya al-Haqq : O Ultimate Truth

Ya Malik-ul-Mulk: O Master of the Kingdom

May 19 2020