Even as we feel pain over the belated reply, we shall remain persistent in our plea to the Most Merciful –– insists Jaihoon in this poetic discourse

‘O my Him!’

I shall not ask YOU why
The reason for this delay

I shall not ask YOU what
The fate of what I sought

I shall not ask You when
The wonder will happen

For, all these impatient W’s
Games the Devil bids to seduce

‘O my Merciful Him!’

Faith I have nil in my tears
Flowing though all these years

Why believe my aching heart
Pounding since the very start?

All my hopes are on Your Compassion
The least I trust is my discretion

Therefore, O my Dear Creator!

The more belated is YOUR Reply
The persistent shall be my plea

No matter whatsoever be the pain
I will pursue my smile sans any grin

No matter whatsoever be the sorrow
With much joy shall I readily swallow

O Rabb
I am the repenting Son of Adam
Angels can only envy my freedom

Therefore, O my Dear Creator!

Show Your Mercy on this intelligent fool
Drown him not in the disheartened pool

Consider. Answer.

Now. Soon. Ever.

Posted April 12, 2003.