God’s lovers employ various metaphors and symbolic actions to hide their love of the Divine– Jaihoon reveals some of their ‘cover-up games’ in these verses

O His Fear-veiled friend,
May I unveil a hidden truth
Though a liar am I of no worth

My deeds: stained with the sinful thorns
My heart: filled with the Rose’s thoughts

The games His Lovers play are truly sly
They laugh in joy, though they seem to cry

Lord knows the excuses they make
For others to label ‘For His sake’

They see the sun
And think of Him
They sigh at the moon
And think of Him

Even in the motherly love to a child
His love so appears in their restless mind

Sometimes they refer to it as Tabrez
To hide what has set their soul ablaze

How cleverly they use for Him
Symbols such as the Rose
Or as the Gardener who
For their soul with mercy cares

Instead of calling Him
By ‘one hundred less one’ names
They utter ‘…al haqq’
And themselves debase

In their prayers they yearn
Not for His favors just
But a daring heart, which
With His love shivers

Dumb and quiet are they not
As they overtly seem
Calm do they remain, though-
Within them is a thunder storm

Ah! Consider yourself, for instance
Who speaks mostly in bold silence

Remember, when you that Treasured Truth utter
So far which your Him-loving heart shutter

How can a shell teach a pearl
How can vinegar compare itself to Honey
How dare I tell you what you already taught me
“My Merciful Him who Loves me”.

April 15, 2003.


Tabrez : Shams Tabrez, the spiritual mentor of Rumi whom he saw as the fire that kindled Divine Love in him.

…al haqq: Anal Haqq, the popular esoteric expression by Mansur Al Hallaj widely condemned as pantheistic by the orthodox scholars.